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Welcome to the home page of my research firm, Public Policy Research. On it you will find a description of our activities, as well as a sample of my most recent articles and non-fiction essays.

Public Policy Research (PPR) is located in Portland Oregon and conducts research on a broad range of social and environmental problems. I started the organization in 1989 after serving as Professor of Psychology at Reed College, where I had been for over 25 years.

My principal research interests are resource conservation, and social influence. Currently we are investigating the mounting transportation problems facing our urban communities, focusing especially on the rapidly growing car sharing movement in this country and Europe.

Public Policy Research has launched a new bibliographic research service. You can learn more about it by clicking on Research Review in the What's New column of this page. There you will also find links to our latest projects .

If you would like to know more about any of these activities, please contact me at the address below. It would be good to learn about your own work too.

Richard Katzev

Public Policy Research Public Policy Research

Research Review
PPR is now offers research services to writers & researchers in Humanities, Business & Social Sciences

My latest report on car sharing.

A study of promoting recycling in low-participating neighborhoods.

Energy Conservation:
Evaluation of a Low- Income Energy Assistance program

Children and Families
The Engagement and Retention of Participants in Family Support Programs